Christmas 2011 Gifts – Clocks Limbiate gives a clock Vagary. Introduction … this is an ad sales, but given that there is a clock

Clocks Limbiate


Introduction … this is an ad sales, but given that there is a clock as a gift I thought it right to give visibility to this offer that could give value to your Christmas gifts 2011.

Let’s see … By an Order in eCommerce 200EUR or older to receive

Limbiate watch this watch for free (or while supplies last).

The mechanism is very simple!

After you place an order equal to or greater than 200EUR, and without that you spend more or have to do any further operation, together with the fact Vs. Ordine We will deliver a beautiful collection of Vagary Racing Chrono Boy, this is the promo for the anti-crisis next Christmas of 2011 Limbiate watches .

“A Design Race for Your Leisure”
This claim is accompanied this Chrono Boy, icon of the World Vagary with Quartz Movement, whose market value reached around 90Euro.

Its Stainless Steel touches the 37mm and size and shape of the internal counters reminiscent of Chrono most sophisticated sports chronograph.

Attractive colors conjure up the strap, with its central narrative fabric, far more important than the ‘60s-style watches.

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