Celsius X VI II is a new watch LeDIX Eternel. In December 2010, the company Celsius X VI II released a mobile phone

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In December 2010, the company Celsius X VI II released a mobile phone with a built-in mechanical clock. Cost new was $ 300 000. New clock furor in the watch industry. Many asked themselves the question, but is it worth to have such a watch? As far as they are practical, necessary, justified …

It seems that today the existence of more hours is nothing new. And on the eve of Christmas company Celsius X VI II announces the release of new version of the gadget LeDIX Eternel in titanium with a PVD-coated in black.

Housing LeDIX Eternel all encrusted with diamonds weighing 308 carats 2.85. More than 35 highly skilled professionals have invested their hard work in creating this unique masterpiece.

Phone-cot is made of white gold and titanium, improved function of the battery every time you close and open the lid. Similarly, a 100-hour operating mode adds three additional hours. System Butterfly winding, the company’s patented Celsius X VI II, provides a plant of the mechanical clock, the complicated floating tourbillon, which is mounted at the top of the case. Phone with a clock weighs 245 grams.

To make it convenient to use the phone and be much understood, the phone has deliberately simplified and optimal ergonomics. Multilingual interface includes English, Chinese, French, Arabic, Spanish, Russian, etc.

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