Cartier. Physics and poetry.Among the hours of complicated models with repeater



Among the hours of complicated models with repeater – the most poetic. Rotonde de Cartier Minute Repeater Flying Tourbillon reminds us of this by means of melodic sound are heard every minute.

In creating its first model with a repeater, which will be represented at SIHH-2012, Cartier decided to team, no less, to revise the basic laws of acoustics. The fruit of five years of research in this area has become hours of theory transmission of sound waves, based on the relationship between such variables as the amount (45mm), weight (32g) and the volume level (63dB or 68dB, depending on the material of the hull).

Simply put, Cartier withdrew pattern: the lighter and more housing, the louder the sound.

Soaring tourbillon, located at 12 o’clock, regulates the frequency and even distribution of sound emitted by two miniature gongs repeater (at position 6 hours). Control lever repeater (at around 8:00) took an unconventional form of the same – to provide the best combination of mass housing and gongs.

The manufacturing machinery 9402 ICJ at 47 stones collected from 447 parts and is marked «Geneva Seal». It can be seen through the windows as the dial and through the transparent back cover. Guilloche dial deserves attention also because of the unusual design of Roman numerals and arrows of the xiphoid of blue steel.

Crown, which is located at position 3 hours, inlaid with gold or titanium beads and cabochon sapphire is protected.

50 hours of limited adition made of titanium (220.000 €), another 50 – rose gold (225.000 €); some models are decorated with baguette-cut diamonds. In the year of such hours may be made no more than 20 copies.

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