Browse hours Charmex. The world-famous clocks of Charmex – is first and foremost

Browse hours Charmex


The world-famous clocks of Charmex – is first and foremost, luxury jewelry and classic models, enjoying a pretty high demand. The story begins with the hours Charmex 1926, when Max Bourgin founded a small hour-long workshop, which was engaged in the production and first modifications of popular hours.

Currently, the production of goods under the brand has been doing Charmex grandson Max Burg – Manfred Bourgin, so that the business in the region of Basel is passed from generation to generation. Male and female Swiss watch – it’s the highest aesthetic level, the excellent quality of Charmex and popular brand that is recognizable to every intelligent company.

Each new model hours Charmex combines modern technology and has already become classic features and design elements. Dear hours of data modification are finish of the case of real gold, which gives them more prestige and the title of “hours for security.” Anyway, the popularity of brands Charmex growing every year more and more people give preference to those Swiss watches, proven only with positives.

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