Browse hours Atlantic.The card of Atlantic hours was watertight.

hours Atlantic


The card of Atlantic hours was watertight. Opening of the brand may be under water at depths of 30 to 200 meters (depends on all watches that are used). Design watches from the firm Atlantic – is first and foremost, sporty look, which combines comfort and functionality.

Atlantic Watches have three well-known series, devoted to the sea and everything connected with it: the sea hunter, sailor and marine pearl.

Some versions of these watches are protected by a double sapphire crystal, and the other, cheaper models, single sapphire. The range of hours and the Atlantic is very broad, large numbers of collections; each customer will be able to pick up something special, just what he needs.

Almost every modification has two hours Atlantic Variant: quartz and mechanical. Due to this buyer can choose a favorite version and give it priority. Housing modern watches from Atlantic can be made not only of base metal (usually steel), but also of gold and platinum. Hours Atlantic – it’s prestige, elegance, high quality, as well as an attractive appearance.

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