Browse hours Appella Gold 18K. On the first day of the appearance of brand watches

hours Appella


On the first day of the appearance of brand watches Appella Gold 18K conquered the world with its luxury and exclusivity. The latest designs and unshakable Swiss quality allowed the company to create a collection of luxury watches, which are not only a luxury housing, which uses 18 karat gold and diamonds, but also the reliability and accuracy.

Hours Appella Gold 18K different design, which is consistent with recent trends of the Great fashion. Gold collection is presented in several directions, which includes multi-function models, mechanical chronographs and elegant models. All watches Appella Gold 18K is made of yellow, white or pink gold.

In addition, the models differ in the use of 10 varieties of the dial, which allows you to choose a model for those features that best fit perfectly for your image. Individuality and concludes choice bracelet or leather strap. Choosing a clock Appella Gold 18K, a woman can emphasize their originality and sophistication.

Browse hours Appella Gold 18K lets you choose the model that is not only a luxury and splendor, but also exclusivity and individuality.

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