At the heart of Moscow appeared firewalls Hugo Boss watches. Today, many residents and visitors to the center of Moscow expect multimeter

Hugo Boss watches


Today, many residents and visitors to the center of Moscow expect multimeter two surprises: the intersection of Tverskaya and Kamergersky alley, as well as the 1st Tverskaya Street was decorated with huge posters advertising a watch Hugo Boss.

The first firewall is the size 22h6 m (at the intersection of Tverskaya and Kamergersky). The second more modest – 4×12 meters (1-ya Tverskaya-Yamskaya). Very large-scale advertising for the fashion brand, which is generally a familiar seen not as a manufacturer of watches, but rather perfume and men’s suits.

Hugo Boss watches
But progress does not stand still in this world and the increasing role played by integration: fashion houses and jewelry manufacturers are beginning to produce clock and vice versa.

Large firewalls in downtown Moscow raszmestil exclusive distributor of watches from Hugo Boss in Russia – Time & Technologies, in cooperation with the manufacturer of these hours – by MGI Luxury.

Both companies believe that the branding in the form of massive firewall is one of the most effective marketing tool that also is an indicator of the company. Of course, it also highlights a watch from Hugo Boss a lot of the rest – because not every brand has resorted to such a truly large scale in the full sense of the word advertising.

Firewall at 1-ya Tverskaya-Yamskaya size 4×12 meters is located in the immediate vicinity of the shop Hugo Boss. Of course, we can say that it’s too pathetic to watch companies that have a long history in the business, which often consists of several centuries. And really unexpected – like this once multimeter banners in downtown Moscow.

However, it should give the company Hugo Boss tribute for their attention to her Russian fans watch. Of course, some fans believe Swiss watches fashion brands by some omnivore’s upstarts, but willingness to invest in Hugo Boss ad says it is time direction to the contrary – it’s just a new kind of business. Hugo Boss does not focus on one thing; the company is engaged in all areas of men’s luxury goods, from business suits to watch.

Hugo Boss is a German company, which began to manufacture watches recently. Initially, this brand came out just fashionable clothes. Then came the perfume line Hugo Boss and once the brand offers men everything necessary – it would be strange, if not born to watch and Hugo Boss. Since 1997, the hours for this famous brand manufacture at least iminitaya company Movado Luxury Group. Hugo Boss watches are based on the most reliable and time-tested Swiss ETA mechanism, which is in itself a guarantee of quality sought by many Swiss factory.

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