A new world record at auction Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe


In New York hosted another hour auction – Bonhams Fine Watches Wristwatches and Clocks, which caused a lively interest among collectors, actively knocking bet each other in an attempt to buy a unique gift for your self or a loved one at Christmas. At the auction was put up 163 copies of different hours. Auction could fetch about 1.58 million dollars.

New world record set (as usual at auction) watchmaker Patek Philippe. They became the central chronograph lot of the auction. Watches Patek Philippe ref. 5020P was sold for 338,500 dollars. They represent a rare instance, wearing a platinum cushion-shaped housing that can accommodate a perpetual calendar function.

Head sentry units Bonhams auction house Snellenberg Jonathan commented, the trades:

“We were very pleased to observe how rejuvenated activity not only in the gym, but also our customers who participated in the auction on the internet. There is no doubt that public interest in bidding heated up a preview of the major lots in Hong Kong – this is one of the key point positive impact on the results of the auction. ”

The second record amount of trading Bonhams Fine Watches Wristwatches and Clocks also belongs wristwatch Patek Philippe. This chronograph ref. 5070R in rose gold case set on auction Tiffany & Co. At the initial evaluation of 90 000 dollars watch Patek Philippe ref. 5070R were acquired for 104,500 dollars.

However, Patek Philippe certainly was not the only clock represented at the event. The five most expensive lots went in and watch from the private collection of 25 rare models. This is a Vacheron Constantin watches with tourbillon, “dressed” in a sophisticated body of red gold, which were sold for 80 500 dollars. It is also among the most expensive watches are Breguet, also in the gold package, which went under the hammer for 74,500 dollars. Over 35 000 dollars were sold automatic watch Patek Philippe ref. 5056P. A 27 500 dollars could get for a watch Ulysse Nardin (again in the case of gold).

The ten most successful lots were also rare watches from Rolex, which were released in honor of the famous actor Paul Newman. This watch Paul Newman Cosmograph Daytona in a gold case, which at the initial price of 80 000 were purchased for 84 100 dollars. The second item is the same as Rolex watches Paul Newman Cosmograph Daytona, but this time in stainless steel. Latest Rolex was sold for 63,700 dollars, with an initial estimate of 40 000.

Thus, the most popular auction Bonhams Fine Watches Wristwatches and Clocks were a gold watch case, despite the fact that the record established a model of platinum. The dominance of the top positions in the auction hours from Patek Philippe is not a surprise – this Swiss brand has long been recognized as the undisputed leader of the auction.

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