A new exhibit of the museum Breguet watch. The company Breguet for your time museum has acquired a unique model in 1808

Breguet watch


The company Breguet for your time museum has acquired a unique model in 1808, created by order of the heir to the Ottoman Empire. The clock was purchased by Breguet in Beijing auction for 650 000 Swiss francs. It was a record high price for Breguet watches at a young Chinese market.

These historical pocket watch Breguet N ° 1090 Grande Complication in 1807 ordered the company Esseyd Ali Effendi, former Turkish ambassador in Paris, and a personal friend of Abraham-Louis Breguet.

Breguet watch
The head of the famous clock at home, thanks to this acquaintance, got access to the promising Turkish market – the only one among the allies of Napoleon’s France a great power.

Incidentally this is not the only watch Breguet , related to Turkey.

Sultan Mahmud II in 1813, the accession to the throne was given Breguet watches with precious stones. They are the most expensive of the Breguet created and is now stored in Topkani, Istanbul Palace.

Watches Breguet N ° 1090 Grande Complication, the company purchased for the museum, have a quarter repeater with independent grande and petite sonnerie. A double hull is covered with enamel red and gold decor in the classic Turkish style. On the white dial are placed not just watch indekty and ancient Arabic numerals, reminiscent of the same elements of pattern, ornament body.

Breguet watch
Beijing Poly Auction on the watch Breguet became the main lot, for which the magnitude of persistent and long trades. Now Turkish Grande Complication will be part of this treasure of the museum watch company Breguet, which is located in Paris, Place Vendome boutique on the famous brand. Hours at the museum Breguet will be displayed in the next few weeks – most likely in the new year.

Royalty among customers Breguet not uncommon. Breguet watches were created for Queen Marie-Antoinette, the Emperor of Russia, Alexander I, Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, Queen Victoria, and even the great Napoleon Bonaparte.

Luxurious instance Breguet N ° 1090 Grande Complication become not only a tribute to the great skill of the watchmakers, but another part of the historical heritage of Breguet, thanks to the museum is available a wide range of fans of the brand.

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