A new collection of watches from the company Morellato Jelly Morellato. The Italian-Hour Morellato company announced a new collection



The Italian-Hour Morellato company announced a new collection of watches Morellato Jelly, marking the opening of a new spring-summer 2012. A bright palette of hours especially predisposes to the future of the summer season.

Following the trends of the season, the collection of models made in the red, green, yellow, blue, orange, purple shades. Clock cases were issued in two versions: for female models body diameter is 34 mm and for male models – 42 mm.

New items are equipped with a quartz movement made in Switzerland. The range of collections available on the colorful plastic straps. The cost of the clock is 39 euros.

The base of the Italian watch company Morellato to the period between the two world wars – the time coinciding with the emergence of modern watchmaking.

The company’s founder Giulio Morellato (Giulio Morellato) in the 30s of last century is mainly made instruments of time to order. In the wake of “boom” Morellato watches all the attention focused on the manufacture of leather straps for meter time. Morellato is the first brand that specializes in the manufacture of straps. But over time, the company became a leading manufacturer of watches with fashionable designs based on high quality materials.

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