Youth Player Watch

Player Watch


As you know, youth – time entertainment, active pastime,
communication and parties. But beyond that, the youth – time savings.

Saving time and above all, money. Novelty called Echo is just the thing for such purposes, savings and is designed specifically for young people.

The gadget combines three things at once: a beautiful bracelet, the player and watch. Echo has developed an Iranian designer Milada Talegani. This gadget – the result of his reflection on the technological needs of today’s youth. Designed by Echo-like bralety baubles and advocates focused on casual style, which is now at its peak. The display, located on the bracelet shows the time and current track, if the device is in the player. Included with the gadget to go PVC headphones, but you can listen to music through the speaker.

According to the authors, this feature is not created in order to annoy strangers by their musical tastes and to dance with friends. When you play back tracks on the clock flashing LEDs that add them to the originality and brilliance.The only downside to this gadget, which honestly says developer – wrist device is subject to breakage.

However, it also does not hurt to wear a watch? Therefore, in the case of this gadget is unlikely someone will refuse to buy it just because of the purely theoretical possibility of a malfunction. All the more so that the available data Echo should cost a penny, if we compare, for example, the clock-smart phone.

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