Women’s watch-bracelet “MissO watch”.There is a tendency, when the critics have a negative attitude to gadgets

MissO watch


There is a tendency, when the critics have a negative attitude to gadgets, invented not in unisex and designed for a specific gender.

Basically, the allegations made in the direction of female devaysov, arguing that the men in this situation are left out and also want to wear stylish and unusual things. Apparently, this fate that is, charges and is waiting for designer watches, called “MissO watch” .

These original and unusual watch, invented the designer Veronika Gombert, designed exclusively for the beautiful half of humanity. By tradition, the clock in the form of a fashionable bracelet, dial and quite unusual, improvised and consists of three columns, showing the hours, minutes and seconds. Movable frame “travels” on the bracelet and combines the three dimensions, thereby replacing the arrows normal business hours.

“MissO watch” is available in two colors: white and purple, so each girl can choose the color of your choice. White Dial hours a night for the convenience of a soft light is illuminated. At the violet hour is on the contrary, she lit frame. In a nightclub or a party like the gadget can be a stylish accessory to complement the image. It is not clear how the size of the problem will be solved bracelet, as it can not be adjusted to fit the wrist, but who knows, it is possible that the watch will be sold in different sizes, taking into account the needs of consumers.

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