Watch with intrigue – the new limited edition art watches from Fortis Frisson. All brand Fortis in close collaboration with the designer Rolf Sachs



All brand Fortis in close collaboration with the designer Rolf Sachs released a limited edition wristwatch Frisson with intriguing characteristics.

“I wanted a new watch had no standard set of functions, but something more intriguing. I used hand-written digits instead of the traditional dedicated graphics, which are often not detectable. Frozen glass of the dial, we get a wonderful component, reminiscent of the condensation of the frozen glass of vodka, just recovered from the freezer.

The owner of hours is recommended to create physical contact with the glass, warm it and rub your breath warm finger and then frosted glass will be clear and transparent, “- explained the secret of his watch Rolf Sachs.

The company Fortis known works created in partnership with various artists. As a result, fans watch delights for many years to appreciate highly the model wristwatch brand.

Another model will be released together with Rolf Sachs in 2012 and in conjunction with the 100th anniversary of Fortis.

But the new Frisson (in French means a fever, shivering) permeates the cold to the bone. The effect of the ice surface was obtained selected materials: steel case, brushed, transparent silicone strap with folding buckle and luminescent hands. Unusual clocks have a 40-millimeter case and water resistance to 200 meters. Oval aperture date is in position for 3 hours. New works on the automatic mechanism and released in a limited quantity of 999 copies.

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