Watch Hip Hop Velvet Touch.The Hip Hop Watch the clock is colorful

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The Hip Hop watch the clock is colorful and fragrant par excellence, an icon of each summer.

Now with the arrival of the cold months Hip Hop announces a new era for the clock symbol of the ’80s.

It does this by announcing a fascinating story that evokes splendor and sumptuous gifts and reinterpret material in an ironic: the velvet!

A novel approach to the world of watches, able to give a unique feel to the touch and fits the best for a season, tied to winter and autumn, in which scarves, gloves and hats are indispensable accessories.

Hip Hop Velvet Touch is not only a new collection of 16 pieces (12 in the traditional 32mm format and 4 in the Large size 40mm) but the adoption of a special patent (also used for prestigious) interior of the Ferrari and Maserati), still little known by the name: UV-Lux.

And ‘thanks to him that you can watch the famous velvet dress Hip Hop for the occasion have chosen much warmer tones than the summer.

Maintaining a spirit always with sparkling pink, purple and green, or more sophisticated and elegant as the Black, Grey, Blue and Bordeaux.

Light is instead chosen to face more feminine versions, those from 32mm. Ben 12 Swarosvski White crystals, each index, to draw a bright face.

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