Time – the secret … watch Conceptual, Hidden Time Watch. Of course, we all know that time is protected.



Of course, we all know that time is protected. But do not hide away!

Especially not where else but in hours. But is such a novel idea occurred to the designers, they designed and unusual hours for cormorants Hidden Time Watch. Perhaps this has some meaning, but understands it will obviously not right. In general, in recent years there is a tendency to extreme minimalism in a watch, which is now more like a simple bracelet. And the clock – a vivid example. It consists of miracle two-layers of tape, most likely made of rubberized material.

The lower band is built svotodiodny dial, which has sensors that allow you to adjust the time on the display. The upper band, lying close to the bottom, serves as a “cover”, and protects the face from prying eyes. Now you do not have to pristanut with the question “How much time.” It’s certainly not bad, but there are also negative aspects of this invention.

Indeed, instead of a quick look at the clock and get information on time will raise upper strap for a look at the screen. If the creature you are interested in, then rush to make you happy. As planned by the designer, the watch will be available in several color variations, so everyone can choose what you like. There is a black and white version, a blue and silver. Price and date of the sale of direct design of this miracle is not yet known.

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