The Watches Days 2011: First Prize for Breguet.For the second consecutive year, Breguet has won the first prize

The Watches Days


For the second consecutive year, Breguet has won the first prize in the category Men’s Watches exposure Watches the Days , held in Geneva 10 to 13 November last year.

The event saw about 40 in the running of the watch brands exhibiting.

The Grand Prix du Public 2011, thousands of voters assigned without the intervention of a jury, awarded Classique 5717 Hora Mundi.

Classique Hora Mundi
The new Breguet Classique 5717 Hora Mundi introduced at Basel world 2011 is built with quality materials: 18 carat red gold or platinum 950.

The Watches Days
The dials are available in three versions, each of which represents a part of the world: the Americas, Europe, or Asia. Breguet manufacturing teams took three years to design and develop the complication of this watch.

It ‘the first example in the world of mechanical timepieces with an instant zone. This feature allows travelers to easily view the time through two pre-selected time zones, changing instantly from one to another by pressing a button, and without disturbing the operation of the clock.

The time zone change is not just about the time, but also the synchronization of data – through a system of tracking the calendar – and the day / night indicator.

The finishing of this clock are also exceptional, with the characteristic signature Breguet as the case middle groove, to which are added to the welded loops, and of course the famous and immediately recognizable Breguet hands with their “eccentric moon-shaped tip.”

The solid gold dial is hand-engraved with a rose pattern to create a reason to “wave” on the oceans, then coated with several layers of lacquer, while the continents are polished.

Marker day / night, the sky is represented by numerous fragments of lapis lazuli containing pyrite that appear tiny grains of gold representing the stars. The sun and moon are solid gold.

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