The replacement of the axis of the bar of a clock. One of the most common, but at the same time more delicate



One of the most common, but at the same time more delicate that the professional must perform is to watch on the replacement of the axis of the bar.

Normally, when a mechanical clock stops after suffering a collision, it is said that “the bar has broken.”

In reality, the disaster is the axis, whose pins is fragile and insists between two rubies and integrated into a higher balance bridge, protected by an elastic shock and lower in some cases reinforced by a collar that Incabloc.

These protection systems to avoid any trauma can result in a rupture, but in many cases are inadequate and perpetrates the damage.

The replacement of this axis involves the separation from other parts of the “heart” of the clock. The bar is in fact completely disassembled.

Let’s see how:
Meanwhile, we begin to observe it: it consists of a circular object at the center of said wheel is threaded a through axle (the axle). Axis is literally stuck in a power washer is the interior brass ruler in the shape of a wire spring, said coil. The latter is in turn attached to a sprocket at the other extreme that even the bridge, after the last loop passes through a pair of vertical pins (the racket).

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