The new line of Casio G-Shock Mini 9600 for contemporary and dynamic ladies. Japanese hourly manufactory Casio has introduced

Casio G-Shock


Japanese hourly manufactory Casio has introduced a new line of women’s watches G-Shock Mini 9600 with a massive body and multifunction dial.

Round casing with rigid lines of stainless steel are available in different colors. Shells have a diameter of 41 mm and a thickness of 14.4 mm.

Functional and reliable, the novelty is made in several interpretations.

For example, a model of Casio GMN692-5 released an extravagant combination of chocolate brown bracelet with a pink two-tone dial. The second model GMN691-7B is a refined ensemble of white strap and pink dial with digital display neutral. The third model is conservative GMN691G-one in nature and design. She is the owner of a black strap and yellow dial.

The new line of Casio G-Shock Mini 9600 offers a world time function, which includes 29 time zones and 48 city names. Alarm function is activated without correction for four consecutive days. The dial also has a countdown timer and stopwatch counting down the 1 / 100 of a second, which is used to measure elapsed time, the function of the division of time periods and locations of temporary data on the first and second place. Along with many useful features, the new calendar has an automatic, requiring no configuration prior to 2099.

More clarity and readability of the dial are provided electroluminescent backlight with long glow. Models are based on Japanese quartz chronograph mechanism for that function through the battery, designed for 3 years.

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