The Law on Swiss made watches assignment. In the beginning of this year there were rumors about tightening



In the beginning of this year there were rumors about tightening the rules assigning clock marking the prestigious Swiss made. Today, the Federation requested the watch industry had truly heard by the Swiss authorities. The bill was approved by the Commission on Legal Affairs of the National Council.

Approved in the lower house of the Swiss parliament bill requires that 60% of the cost of a wristwatch, having the right to wear the label Swiss made, must be established exclusively in Switzerland. In general, it is true – so these are called Swiss watch. Interest costs on the size of the watch were identified after two years of discussion on this bill.

Finally, a new bill on the order of assignment Swiss made watch to be approved by the National Council in the spring of 2012. Until that moment, the Swiss will continue to count hours, working at the Swiss machinery and assembled in Switzerland.

Pass the bill involves the requirement to ensure that the clock was developed in Switzerland – that is, not just made, but literally born as an idea, a prototype. Only those hours will be entitled to wear the label Swiss made. Percentage of total production costs of establishing hours for e is 60% and 80% mechanical. Of such interest is excluded only watch straps and value of gemstones.

Changes will be and the same clockwork. Previously, he was considered Swiss if 50% of production costs were spent in Switzerland. Now, this bar will be raised to 60%.

In such a tightening of the rules is fine – it will help keep the prestige label Swiss made. To a combination of two words were not empty words, and indeed guaranteed superb quality and accuracy of these watches. The initiator of stringent requirements is not the state itself, and the Federation of Swiss Watch Industry. The new bill for the time of production is not quite a threat – because the Federation has more than 90% of all Swiss watch manufacturers.

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