The company won first place Breguet Watches Days in 2011. The classical model of Hora Mundi won the first prize in the category

The company


The classical model of Hora Mundi won the first prize in the category of best men’s watches at the Geneva show the watches days.

For the second year in a row watchmaker Breguet rightfully won first place in the exhibition the watches days, which took place from 10 to 13 November and which was attended by more than 40 watch brands.

Attendees had the right to vote without interference from his jury. That a majority model Hora Mundi (ref. 5717) from the company Breguet was awarded the Audience Choice Award.

Model Classique 5717 Hora Mundi was first presented at Basel world 2011 version of 18 – carat red gold or platinum 950.Dial models are also available in three versions, each of which represents a certain part of the world: America, Europe and Asia. Breguet company took three years to design, build and improve this model, which is the first instance of the mechanical clock with instant instant-hour zone.

This feature allows you to easily display during the two pre-selected time zones instantly change them at the touch of a button, without violating the clock accurate. Change the time zone not only affects the time and date synchronization, which is implemented by means of “tracking” calendar system. Finishing hours as an exceptional and distinctive, like all creatures, Breguet: grooved side housing, soldered lugs, and of course, recognizable Breguet hands with eccentric lunar tips. Gold dial decorated with hand-engraved in the form of ocean waves, which are covered with several layers of lacquer, while the continents carefully polished.

Day and night indicator presented in the form of the sky, made of lapis lazuli from the set of pyrites, which resemble tiny gold spots and represent the stars. Also on display are the sun and moon are made of gold. Due to this hour masterpiece, Breguet manufactory hour once again coped with the task of achieving excellence.

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