The auction sold the 4363 Swatch watches.Over 5 million euros in Hong Kong was sold to a collection of 4363 watches Swatch.

Swatch watches


Over 5 million euros in Hong Kong was sold to a collection of 4363 watches Swatch. The event occurred at the auction house Phillips de Pury & Company. Earlier this great hour collection belonged to Peter Bloom and his wife Linda.

The collection of 4363 models included Swatch watches are not only coming to the public, but also the exclusive prototypes on the market and were not included. It appears in this month’s sale of prototypes found fashion and popularity, thanks to Jaeger-LeCoultre, which specifically cross-checked, brought to mind and debugged your watch Proto Zero, and then put them on sale.

Some of the sold as a part of Swatch watches were created by collaboration with famous artists: Alfred Hofkunstom, Mimmo Paladino and Sam Francis. In general, this is not a surprise – their Swatch watches have long been created together with famous artists, most often develop color prints for Swatch, but sometimes the design models.

Collection of 4363 hours is also well-known model Milles Pattes, Serpent, Model avec Personnage and Blanc sur Noir. These watches are designed by Keith Haring artist, working in a street style of modern art.

Initially, the artist worked on the “canvas” in the form of urban billboards or walls of the New York subway. Now watch, created with his participation, sold at auction.

For example watch Milles Pattes (Ref: GZ103) belong to the lineup in 1986 Spring Summer. On the dial Milles Pattes (Ref: GZ103) depicts the globe, which encircles the giant yellow centipede drawn in cartoon style.

Keith Haring is owned and clearance watches Swatch Serpent (Ref: GZ102) on an orange dial depicting a green snake saddled people who like bears on his shoulders three central arrow.

Model avec Personnage (Ref: GZ100) – original clock, marking time on the clock face which is replaced by 12 dancing creatures. Sami watches have a yellow body with a red strap.

Blanc sur Noir (Ref: GZ104) – as the name implies entirely black clock on the dial are like chalk drawn in a flying alarm clock.

Here is a brief overview of some of the most striking patterns that made up sold for $ 5 million from the 4363 collection watch Swatch – a company that pursues not the technology, but accessible and original style.

Two of these elements in the opinion of Swatch are like the main components for watches, as the majority of them are only needed three hands and all. Of course, there is a column wheel, etc. But people are much more concerned with time display and how the indicator looks at their hand.

By the way it turns out that every component collection Bloom Swatch watches were sold for approximately 1146 dollars.

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