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The firm Candino ( white, pure), a member of the twenty leading Swiss watchmaking, now over half a century has positioned itself as an independent family watch production mid-priced ($ 100 to $ 300).

Today it is a thriving, dynamic company, widely known in Europe and worldwide. Ongoing work on the expansion of distribution networks and concern about maintaining brand image can Candino achieve good results. So a year ago Candino watch out for the first position in sales in Austria in the price range up to $ 300. Hours of Candino are available on five continents, in over 60 countries worldwide.

Even the traditionally closed to foreign-made watches, Japan have provided a platform for its market Candino, indicating a high reputation in the world of watches.

Candino values its customers and for each one develops its line of watches. Today the range Candino hours are four areas of production, each of which is designed for a range of customers and permeated with a particular ideology.

Tradition – a line of mechanical watches for serious people who appreciate time.

As the embodiment of sophistication, this watch at the same time symbolizes the firmness of traditional values. Particular attention is attracted buyers a model with a transparent back cover, through which you can see in detail all the fine clockwork. The advantages of this collection include specially patented protective mechanism crown – is a unique development, which applies exclusively to the brand, as well as automatic production of its own.

Eleganse – the name of this line speaks for itself, this classic watch for the discerning buyer seeking to make a good impression on others.

Excellent build quality, elegant design and a wide range of collections, offering its customers a modern unisex watch from up to respectable men’s watches – all Candino Eleganse. Many models have a very strong convex glass “K1” of crystal and water resistant. Quality metal bracelets confirmed by numerous tests in twisting, compression and tension.

Sportive – sports line, the choice of active and promote healthy lifestyles. Distinctive features of this collection – the powerful sapphire crystal and screw-down caseback. Professional athletes and people, who choose active rest, appreciate the opportunity to watch these crowns with double Gasquet withstand water pressure up to 100 m.

Moreover, all the clocks are individually tested for water resistance. Not surprisingly, the brand has been actively involved in sports. Candino Sportive is an official sponsor of the Swiss tennis team and the general partner and official timekeeper of the most prestigious tennis tournaments.

Women’s watch line Femenine – fine watch-jewelry, inlaid with diamonds, created specifically for women’s delicate wrists. Perfect smooth lines in conjunction with the bracelet pearl dial and an ultra thin body (model Fragrance) make this watch a sophisticated secular dream of every young lady.

The success story of an independent family business Candino began in 1818 with the opening of a small watchmaker FLOOR hour workshop where watches were made for counts and barons. Today it is a huge modern factory in the Swiss mountains, in Herbetsvill (Herbetswil). Its modern name of the firm Candino received in 1958, ten years after the two oldest clan watchmakers Flury and Hug joined by opening his own factory.

From the beginning, representing the brand Candino for many years was known only in a narrow circle of connoisseurs and experts. The triumphal procession of the company in the country began in the 50s XX-th century, thanks betrayed straetgiyu company Chairman and CEO Kurt sale. At the same time opened a sales office in Biel hours.

Since 2002, the Company is the holding company Festina SA, which made Candino the world market and has expanded production. For two centuries, the company maintains its leading tradition and continues to surprise its fans with new innovative designs and famous Swiss quality.

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