Swatch Collection sold for 5 million euros! The Blum Collection, a collection of Swatch most comprehensive in the world

Swatch Collection


The Blum Collection, a collection of Swatch most comprehensive in the world, which traces the unique history of the brand, was sold to the sum of HK $ 51’707’500 – approximately 5,000,000 Euro.

And ‘the result of the incredible passion of the Swiss Peter Blum and his wife Linda, who began to collect Swatch watches from the earliest models. The extraordinary collection consists of 4363 well-watches, including many prototypes, models and variants ever hybrid on the market.

Swatch Collection
Many prototypes date back to before the commercialization of the first Swatch watches in the early ’80s, so they are very rare. Among these timepieces highly sought after by collectors were ones designed by Keith Haring , an artist of the Pop Art icon, in addition to product models: Model avec Personnage, Pattes Milles, Noir sur Blanc Serpent.

Among the rarities to report even the creations of artists for Swatch Mimmo Paladino, Alfred Hofkunst and Sam Francis.

Organized by the renowned auction house, this unique this auction has raised considerable interest from pre-sales presentations held in New York, London and the Swatch Art Peace Hotel in Shanghai.

The expert has set the stage for an exciting event that took place at the Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong. Never so far no single lot on Swatch watches produced similar figures had touched.

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