Studio Timelounge presents: Alexander Nevsky hours. The project «Supersteel Watch» was developed in the design studio watches

Alexander Nevsky hours


The project «Supersteel Watch» was developed in the design studio watches and jewelry Timelounge. These watches are made in the “Russian style”, which immediately recognizable in its design. Inspired the creators of this project the image of Prince Alexander Nevsky. By developing a collection, the authors set themselves the task: do not use the clock stereotypical “Russian elements.” They wanted to create an original clock, which would be recognizable as a brand.

A feature of this watch has a unique material that was developed specifically for this collection. Design studio decided to make a special clock, so it plans stood watch manufacturer of steel . But steel is not usual – building a mechanism to protect the items from Damascus steel (in English it is more pathetic – Supersteel).

This is truly legendary steel, which was expressed in the days of antiquity, when it produced from the most powerful in all the land edged weapon. And all this because Damascus steel was not lacking, who had other types – it was hard, and malleable, then when the swords were of mild steel or plastic and brittle, or hard and inelastic. But the pure damask not suitable for the manufacture of hours (for example, the clock must be resistant to corrosion), so created a new material based on it.

To distinguish this model from all other hours, the clock has a special drawing. To see him just so you can not just during etching. By the way, this picture is not applied to the surface and creates a braided element. Therefore, each picture is somehow different from others. One of the objectives set by the developers of the collection was to convey the style of Old Russia in the modern perception.

This problem was solved by plastic lines, as well as proportions. It was important to get a watch with its own name and charisma. Wrist watches are in the category of things for which the design is extremely important. And in the very design of the most important is the emotional component. Clock is used for expression of the wearer.

Therefore Timelounge studio understands that design hours is something between industrial design and fashion, with the addition of art. And of course, mod design should provide hours of advanced design techniques and modern technology and industry, and fashion.

Innovative New Product Development method allows as much as possible to coordinate all the developers and their focus on quality results. But the development hours required not only technical approach, and creative – so if you work plays an important role intuition. For purposes of developers led the experience, intuition and a desire to create something beautiful, and this is the necessary elements to create a modern and a good watch.

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