Sporty City-citizen, radio-controlled walking.Sooner or later was bound to happen

Sporty City-citizen


Sooner or later was bound to happen: Citizen has launched on the market, ahead deklle Christmas holidays, a real “bomb.”

Let’s talk about Radio-controlled Sporty-City BY0050.

The name is likely to be a resounding oxymoron: a true contradiction in terms: Sports and the City, but when ever …?

Sporty City-citizen
But as usual, the Japanese giant, drag and trends driving managing to reconcile in a product whose aesthetic is perfectly appropriate, the need for those who want to wear a watch sporting performance, without sacrificing elegance of form.

The new Evo5 comes in three versions that differ only in the color of the dial: white (BY0050-58A ), black ( BY0050-58E ) or blue ( BY0050-58L ), the only way to be considered classics.

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