Results of Moscow Watch Expo.Capital Exhibition Centre “Crocus Expo” for the first time took so much hours of exposure

Watch Expo


Capital Exhibition Centre “Crocus Expo” for the first time took so much hours of exposure – more than 1000 models produce about 150 brands representing 60 companies from 6 countries. For the days when it was visited by nearly 2,000 industry professionals by invitation and more than 5,000 people who came on their own.

The exhibition was held in a format previously unknown to the Russian market. Says organizer, CEO of the publishing house “Hourly literature” Vyacheslav Medvedev: “This year we organized a special exhibition space so that the exhibition was interesting both for specialists and lovers of hours. We invited artists who have not come to Russia to show their original works – and it is this section always been full of visitors. ”

Watch Expo
Traditionally, the most representative part of the exhibition stands of steel distribution companies. Virtually all models of watches, from most expensive to address to people with modest means, were presented at the exhibition. Participants showed not only the new collections, but also well-proven products that have already become bestsellers. One of the peculiarities of this particular show – most of the planning boards, which allow to consider models exposed. Of particular note is a significant exposure of interior clock: floor, table and wall models of foreign and Russian production this year has been shown incomparably greater than ever before.

Business activities of the exhibition appreciated the participants.

According to Alexei Kazachenko, commercial director of distributor LPI Rus, for the development of our business, the exhibition has become an important step: let’s say a person lives somewhere in the region – the exhibition gives him the opportunity to evaluate the activity of the market and choose the best among the models and among commercial conditions. The first day was just a blast – we had to call additional sales managers from the office, we literally could not handle the flow of customers. ”

Watch Expo
Agree with him and the foreign participants. Kazunori Hoschino, head of development hours of Seiko Epson Corporation, believes that “exhibition will be able to change the image of our company with Russian consumers. We first expose the full range of our products and it has already caused the warm approval of the partners. “For these statements there is reason: this year in Russia were first presented to the model Grand Seiko, who received prizes for horology, even in Switzerland.

The exhibition was visited by a large number of distinguished guests.

Among them – the heads of famous watch companies: Miguel Rodriguez (Perrelet), Bruno Zonle (Bruno Sonhle), Jean-Daniel Mayer (Marvin), Tamdy Chong (Epos) and others. Among the guests there were representatives of the largest corporations of the world time, wished to remain anonymous. In addition, in the days of the exhibition has visited a representative (23 people) delegation of the Federation of Hong Kong watch industry.

The exposition was organized by the business program. Special seminars for members and guests were devoted to legal aspects of trading hours, the solution of human problems in business and other topics. Exhibitors are also organized during the workshop for its partners and the presentation of new models.

The evening was devoted to activities traditionally less formal nature.

In the opening day of the participants and regions were invited to a friendly buffet publisher “Hourly literature.” Proper presentation dinner held distribution companies LPI Rus, TBN and the Time “Art-fashion.” And all this – not counting the informal discussion on the sidelines and the stands.

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