Modern pocket watches. True gentleman is not supposed to know when to newfangled plastic watch.

pocket watches


True gentleman is not supposed to know when to newfangled plastic watch. It needs a solid pocket watch in a solid metal case. Of course, it is best to go up here antique clocks, inherited a legacy from his grandfather, but for the modern gentleman of their functions is clearly not enough. Guided by these arguments come up with designer Adam Haffnar original clock, called Cobalt, mimic antique. But it is only in appearance. It is necessary to open them; it becomes clear what’s what. The gadget is equipped with all necessary and useful functions.

Under its cover, of course, not the arrows of the mechanical clock and touch OLED display. Access to the functions provided by a light touch to it. By default, the screen displays information about the time of the date, temperature, incoming messages and voice mail, as well as SMS.

Of course, the use of the function can set the display to your liking.

Also, the gadget has the function of the media player that is capable of playing MP3 and video. You can connect Bluetooth-accessories. Above all else, the device supports voice commands. Undoubtedly, such a device demands a serious approach. Perhaps, in the continuation of this idea will develop a cane, a monocle and top hat, fitted to any high-end functions.

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