Ladies watches Vacheron Constantin Kalla Haute Couture a Pampilles



Watchmaker Vacheron Constantin has presented an unusual bracelet.

In addition to the incredible beauty of it lies the surprise: this is masked ladies watches. This elegant and yet useful piece of jewelry is a perfect gift for the New Year.

Hours are called Kalla Haute Couture a Pampilles. The total weight of precious stones that adorn this model is 7.28 carats. Through a combination of these hours in the design of various forms of cutting and jewelry craftsmen have achieved an unusual glow.

Watch case is made of white gold and has a fairly large for a female model size 40x56mm.

For all its luxuries jewelry watches are not inferior and in the mechanism. It’s not even a little surprising, because usually studded with jewels women’s watches set some simple quartz. And in the Kalla Haute Couture a Pampilles is true clockwork in 1005 with manual winding. Its power reserve is 35 hours.

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