Hourly Cyrus Company introduced a new model KLEPCYS CONQUEST. When Cyrus the Great and his army approached the walls of Babylon

Hourly Cyrus Company


When Cyrus the Great and his army approached the walls of Babylon, at first he thought to conquer the city, dooming him to starvation. The city walls were so wide and high, that is no army in the world could not conquer them. But the decision came from the other side.

The city was defended not only by its fortifications and the river Euphrates and so profound that even two people, standing on one another, did not reach the bottom. The river divided the city into two parts and the king ordered to lower the river and enter the city on its dry bed. So the city was conquered by Babylon.

Babylon the Great, the city of 100 000 inhabitants, thousands of temples, palaces besschetnyh, with a huge tower height of 90 meters.

Babylon and all its treasures, proud Babylon was conquered by Cyrus the Great. Achaemenid lion that conquers Babylon bull – these two characters can be seen on one of the oldest in human history, the coins minted during the reign of King Cyrus. Coin, an exact copy of which is on the back cover of hours.

Unique clock KLEPCYS CONQUEST devoted to taking of Babylon.

First of all housing architecture recalls the admiration experienced by people of Cyrus, in the form of the Babylonian wall. Powerful, compelling, proud and recognizable harm to thousands of others.

Babylon is not like anything else. So our watches embody this idea in a unique design and the application of the noblest materials – red 18 carat gold.

KLEPCYS not look like anything else. Hours form 48 mm in diameter, including buttons a 4 very finely processed angle, covering the main body, the screws on the surface resemble the logo mark CYRUS with three blades, screws, which are like castles of Babylon, pose for a wealth of so many …

CYRUS KLEPCYS CONQUEST laid out “by an invisible” 84 diamond baguette (5.78 carat), color, DEF, quality IF/VVS1, to cut their required 20 carats of diamonds. All 84 diamond faceted from a single diamond.

What makes this watch truly unique?

The choice of precious stones and method pavazha as exclusive the function of clock. Automatic mechanism, consisting of 456 components with a unique hour display on a mobile axis, retrograde function specifying hours, the indicator of the day / night, a big date with retrograde display, rotating 180-degree, three-dimensional moon, closing the shutter to indicate that the bulk of the lunar phase. 100% made in Switzerland. 100% of the spirit of conquest.

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