Graham Swordfish Chronograph Iris. Looking for something unique?

Graham Swordfish Chronograph Iris


Looking for something unique? Look in the mirror and try to fix the iris of an eye: no one will ever look alike!

This must have been about the idea that crossed my mind to research and development department of Graham London Swordfish Iris when he designed the new clock that inspired the Maison dall’orologiaio English George Graham (1673-1751) led playing at home, at SalonQP 2011.

Do you know what Iris? Rainbow. Its colors – so-called iridescent and indefinable – are a mix of iridescent hues, just like the Swordfish Chronograph Iris. These effects were created during the machining of steel box: all the details that compose it are put under vacuum. The unique coating which subsequently form, caused by a reaction to the plasma consists of a multilayer structure characterized by colors that change with the reflections of light.

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