Fragrant alarm. Each morning, the average person starts with “screaming” alarm – someone is singing

Fragrant alarm


Each morning, the average person starts with “screaming” alarm – someone is singing a favorite song on the phone, someone rings the usual alarm clock , but someone in New York is waking up after his nose will feel the smell of bacon. And it’s not a wife, husband and had embarked to prepare an omelet favorite, but a real alarm clock that wakes her “owner” of the smell of fried bacon to this.

How it works: The designer came up with interesting Marty Sallinen alarm company Wake & Bacon, which begins fry bacon in a few minutes before the alarm clock to wake up to the owner. How to explain himself developer – these watches are designed for the most desperate “dormice” which do not wake up even thunder and lightning.

Fragrant alarm
But, seductive scents, which will be spread throughout the apartment, maybe even wake me (then I definitely wanted to try out this miracle).

True bacon, by itself, the clock does not appear – it should be in advance to put in a special place for frying, which is in the trays inside the alarm.

Alarm Clock is designed as a square and a serious pig, which somehow forgot to attach the mouth (apparently, there was no desire to have a dinner of roasted yummy).

Designer and developer of this pleasant-looking, and the smell, pig promised that this is not the last of his invention and in the future, most likely, the market will be an alarm clock with toast, coffee and eggs.

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