Company A. Lange & SOHNE again led the tabloid. This year, for the third consecutive hour company A. Lange & SOHNE



This year, for the third consecutive hour company A. Lange & SOHNE took the first position in the ranking of German brands-class “luxury“, published by well-known Wirtschaftswoche in its issue of October 31.

Hourly Manufactory of Saxony scored 239 points out of 300 possible, and once again became a leading position, ahead of German companies such as Maybach (211) and Porsche (195). Company was awarded a similar assessment in 2007 and 2009.

The highest score was obtained in the category of “the appearance of the brand,” which, together with criteria for the rates of production, played a big role in getting the points. Such tabloid German companies-class “luxury” is made every two years, the agency “Rating brands” on the initiative of the Wirtschaftswoche.

Hourly manufactory A. Lange & SOHNE was founded in Dresden at the initiative of a skilled watchmaker Ferdinand A. Lange, who in 1845 started producing pocket watches of the highest quality and thus created the reputation of the German high watchmaking. To date, only the amount produced by company A. Lange & SOHNE housings of gold and platinum amounts to several thousand. Enclosures are equipped with only manufactory arrangements, hand-finished and assembled.

By releasing only 40 of manufactured gauges for more than 20 years, the company began to occupy a leading place among the world’s best brands. The biggest success of the company are iconic Lange 1 watch the first big date display on secondary display models in production and Lange Zeitwerk display with jumping hours.

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