Clock Chameleon. If you are not so much need to watch



If you are not so much need to watch, but want to buy a stylish accessory and original, this new product – for you. Bracelet watch with a hint will show you what time of day. Identify it can be changing the color of the bracelet. Blue and green colors indicate morning, yellow and orange – is closer to noon, red and purple colors are associated with the sunset and the mean evening.

It is hard to call this device is particularly useful, because all of us and without him we can determine the time of day. Although all now surely come to mind a situation where not very much and we can, but these cases are fortunately, very rare. Seriously, it is clearly the main function of this gadget – serve as stylish and unusual accessories, attracting the attention of others. This device is sure to be popular among people interested in fashion and style.

The device has a touch panel, which is designed to set the alarm. It is necessary to touch the clock twice, as it will be done. What’s really funny, the exact time of the call will remain anonymous, but you can not doubt that he will ring in the morning, but not in the middle of the day or night … This is a very original and fun game developer … As you can see, bracelet not only entertaining, but also unpredictable . If you want to amuse himself and friends of the original thing, then you can buy this gadget. Its price is not yet known, as the time that he should be shown. Learn to rely on their intuition.

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