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Looking at how children and adolescents spend days on end sitting at the computer, communicating on social networking sites and playing games, adult family members clutching his head and think, how to divert them from this scourge. In the U.S., more children are susceptible to cardiovascular diseases, in some cases psychological computer addiction.

In these circumstances, the new world in hours Moosh Watch is a real salvation and hope. First of all, this gadget is aimed at encouraging children to outdoor games, bringing them to an active pastime. As you might guess, this is not just a clock. This device is able to simulate real life social network, thereby encouraging a new generation that can not exist without communication on the Internet, to communicate in real life.

Manage Moosh Watch is available with the applications for mobile devices and connecting them to a computer via micro USB. Thus, you can upload the files necessary for the organization of mobile games, as well as to account for the winners. While Moosh Watch is under construction. Experts think the design unit. It is known that the clock will be bright and stylish, as indeed it should be for children’s devices.

It is not clear exactly what the game will be offered to children as an alternative to the computer. Undoubtedly, this new product will be in great demand from parents who are concerned about their children’s health. The idea is very significant and it would be nice if it was further developed.

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