Buy watches «Swatch» in Moscow.This group includes Swiss brand «Rado»,



This group includes Swiss brand «Rado», «Breguet», «Blancpain», «Jaquet Droz», «Tissot», «Omega», etc.

TM «Swatch» was founded in 1983. Anyone remember the breakthrough time to market by Japanese companies, which offered relatively cheap consumer pleasing quartz watch with a more attractive appearance.

Swiss companies could stand only centuries of experience. Nicolas Hayek, the crisis period, the founder of «Swatch», considered very favorable for the growth of even the company. He decided that for hours, a new brand of LCD screens is not needed. In addition, Hayek has positioned the new product as an inexpensive but highly fashionable and stylish. Quartz clock led to more accurate ultrasonic welding has reduced the cost of parts, and gave designers a free composite material.

Marketing Plan «Swatch» assumed an aggressive attack on the existing market. A well-known designers were invited to cooperate. Using the Clock «Swatch» to create the desired image model was a good publicity move.

Now assortment «Swatch» represented by seven lines: «Neon Streams», «Natural Sophistication», «The Age Of Rust», «Core Collection», «Organic Explosion», «Sailaway», «Chrono Plastic».

If you wish to buy a watch «Swatch» in Moscow, remember the address.

  • TC “Atrium” (+7 495 737 83 14). Str. Earthen Val, 33.
  • TC “Okhotny Ryad” (+7 495 737 83 14). Manege Square., 1.
  • TC “European” (+7 495 229-61-96). Pl. Kiev Station, 2.
  • TC “Pike” (+7 495 229 97 90). Str. Shchukinskaya, 42.
  • TC “Global City” (7 916 706 70 41). Str. Kirovograd, 14.
  • TC ‘A-153 “(7 495 589 23 86). Str. Lublin, 153.
  • TC “MEGA Khimki” (7 915 307 85 43). Leningrad Highway 1.

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