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Watches Surfing is one of the most recent arrivals in the World of Watches: known as a brand of clothing, fresh and young, found in the Bianchi family of Milan, the official distributor for hard to establish itself in the watch market.

Having as a dominant theme of their collections for the Sea, which identifies the tranquility and peace but also the dynamism, are a message directs style to people who love to dress in elegant and sporty sex time.

The dominant themes, sportiness and elegance can be found in recent releases of two collections: the Royal Navy and Shark.

Models that have characteristics suitable for a watch Sea, with cases and some polished steel with black IP treatment.

They report very clear on the face of the typical water panels accompanying the Arab hours flattened on inner bezel; balls, then, are perforated and luminescent, especially at the ends.

Are combined with colorful rubber straps, something that finds its ideal location with this type of case and that guarantees a certain aesthetic.

The other model is the Shark, which stands out the clock in his sporty right from the black IP stainless steel case with satin effect treating male and Teflon.

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