A member of the Rolling Stones created with Bremont Watches. Ronnie Wood – the legendary guitarist of rock group Rolling Stones

Bremont Watches


Ronnie Wood – the legendary guitarist of rock group Rolling Stones – along with the company Bremont Watch will create as many as 14 models of watches, which will serve as the basis for the marine chronometer Bremont B1 Marine.

It will not just watch, but the whole story of 14 chapters, each of which represents a period in the life of a musician famous rock band.

These watches Ronnie Wood, as promised, write out his own hand.

That is, or it will be very limited edition, for every hour that really touched Ronnie Wood, or just watch, wearing them and then created design.

These watches are made in England, but usually released Bremont Swiss chronometers.

The new watch has a chronological display counter and 3 additional time zones. 90-day power reserve. Unfortunately this is not wrist, and watch the sea, but if the collection will be popular, possibly Bremont will please fans of the Rolling Stones and wrist chronometers from Ronnie Wood.

Bremont Watch Company was founded by two brothers Nick and Giles pilots English. They are a small company issues a year are not too many watches, but pays close attention to their quality and its maintenance at a consistently high level. By the way it was released Bremont watches unique aircraft P-51, whose body was taken out of the plane of World War II, who took part in the hostilities. Thus, the watch company Bremont managed to melt the very history, so we have no doubt that working with Ronnie Wood is preparing a number of interesting surprises.

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