Wrist watches famous Muammar Gaddafi. Three days ago, an event that will go down in world history

Wrist watches


Three days ago, an event that will go down in world history: the legendary, was killed Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, 42, who ruled Libya.

Wrist watches
Famous Libyan leader was a big fan of watches. He often ordered to watch his own portrait for myself and gifts.

In his early dictator Gaddafi, like Fidel Castro himself, he preferred the prestigious gold wrist watch Rolex.

Wrist watches
And for forty years in office Jamahiriya Muammar Gaddafi ordered a Chopard watch brand 250 unique models. The total cost of all those hours amounted to 7.5 million dollars. Of course, Gaddafi did not carry all 250 models – he was very fond of giving good wristwatch, decorated in memory of his portrait on the dial. Each year, the date of entry into office (Sept. 1) Muammar Gaddafi gave to a subordinate new wristwatch. It was a sign of appreciation and gratitude to those who supported him.

Even the leader of the opposition People of Ukraine Natalia Vitrenko, speaking in support of the people of Libya, was immediately blessed with a portrait of wristwatches Gaddafi.

Other famous brands of watches that created for Muammar Gaddafi exclusive chronometers were Zodiac, Rotary and Movado.

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