Watch or Nano iPod? All at once! Recently become known to new details about the HD3-device



Recently become known to new details about the HD3-device that combines a watch and nano iPod. The audience was presented a novelty; he was working on a well-known designer Jorg Hayzek. As it became known, HD3 was developed two years and will go on sale in September 2011. Externally, the gadget reminds Fifth Generation iPod.

Most likely to carry it to wristwatches, than to the iPod because of its very small display. iPod nano gives the new product in several ways.

First, the Apple product batteries hold a charge less, and secondly, to display only two dials. HD3 – electronic Swiss watch of high quality with LSD, touch screen, decorated with a sapphire. Housing gadget is made of titanium with the use of PDF-technology coverage in the future may use other materials such as gold (on request). The gadget has two straps and has the classic look of quality Swiss watches. HD3 vodonipronitsaemy at a depth of 30 meters.

The quality and design innovations suggests that Chinese fakes are doomed to failure and will look considerably worse than the original.

Also, the gadget has yusb interface, you can upload pictures and use them as background for the dial. The device has no buttons, touch screen fully. Name slyde as time reflects this property a gadget that is as user “slips” on the screen.

Amazingly, even with frequent use of the device the battery lasts for a week. Acquire this miracle of technology can be at a price of five thousand dollars. This is the minimum threshold, the maximum is not specified. Additional displays are the fifty-one hundred dollars.

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