Wall clocks are different. Wall clocks are very different – both the forms and colors.

Wall clocks


Wall clocks are very different – both the forms and colors. Clock in the shape of birds, in the shape of the house with a cuckoo, flowers and all the others. There’s even a clock on the background of a picture or pictures, but there is still quite an interesting option – wall clocks that also function as a barometer and thermometer.

And this is what came up with the designers of the company Oras – they decided to release the clock so simple in form, that in comparison with other well they stand out because of its simplicity.

Wall clocks
These watches do not have a built-in alarm clock; they do not know how to play the melody – that is not able to do anything other than that just tells the time. They are made of natural walnut, so you can hang them anywhere – as in the country and at home – they fit under any of the wallpaper and furniture.

The only difference between this watch – the form of a flower and color of the arrows. Those who believe that the clock itself is really suitable – will have to pay for them with about 150 greenbacks – in principle not so much.

The company’s designers came up with Red Square Clock least interesting option hours – mirror, heavy in weight and appearance.

Wall clocks
These watches are also not particularly bright colors or something else – they are simple and not particularly striking.

But as long as they do not appear on your wall. All- do something they have.

Watch connoisseurs who love nature, can afford to buy a wall clock in the shape of various birds – for example, are able to offer you designer Diana Paisis from the company Silhouette Green Bird Clock.

Dice Clock Company produced clock for venturesome people … The most interesting thing is that you can hang out all the squares in a different order. Only here in order to understand how much time – will have to guess long.

But the designers of the company Cubic Clock, apparently very fond of chocolate. Most likely, it is their spodvig and the creation of such clocks that look like a chocolate bar. Moreover, several individual pieces of “chocolate” can be hung in a different order (some also like to watch people gambling). So that you too can spend a little designer of her room.

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