Unearthly hours. What designers are not only to interest a potential buyer!



What designers are not only to interest a potential buyer! Gold or nominal clock decorated with precious stones, some time will not surprise anybody, progress is moving on and on. Designer requires more invention and they do not upset us, but please next novelty. One of these hours is the truth about Roswell. The very name suggests, they are unique, intriguing, and is of interest. If you do not know what Roswell, I will remind you. This is an American city, famed for the legend that his people supposedly brought down the plate with the aliens.

Spread this rumor in the 60s, this book was written made reports, to make movies. But, of course, as became clear later, all this – but the result of carefully considered and planned joke. But millions of people around the world believed in it, and it has echoes to this day. Roswell became a city of legend, mention of which causes assosotsiatsii with aliens. The Truth about Roswell watch so called not by accident. The fact is that in case they contain a real moon dust.

Alligator strap and thread to the International Space Station are the result of the development of well-known designer Romain Jerome. The Truth about Roswell watch – one of a series of Moon Dust-DNA, an event dedicated to the American city, albeit fictional. Exclusivity hours, the producers decided to emphasize the limited edition, which was only 9 instances. The price is 15 thousand dollars. The owner of this watch can safely be argued that it has an exclusive thing, but the content of lunar dust unenlightened people will not be known, since the appearance of the products is not affected.

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