Time of the sky – the sky on your wrist. Many of us did not even remember the last time



Many of us did not even remember the last time I looked at the wrist to tell the time. Function of hours give us phone numbers and instead of your wrist all looking at them. But that’s boring and not a bit original!

According to designer Ryohei Yoshiyuki, watches – indispensable and necessary thing, but to show they have not much time … what color is the sky at any given time. It is a miracle of technology; it’s difficult to call for hours in the full sense of the word.

This is a great decoration, nice trinket for romantics. Or for people who do not have time to look at the sky, so it’s invention – a real salvation for them. Incidentally, this is not the first variant of the invention.

Ryohei Yoshiyuki already proposed project celestial clocks. They showed the color of the sky several times a day, projecting the color of the sky at any given time.

The new version of Time of the sky improved and more able than ever before. The new version of the celestial clock has a wooden body and shows the color of the sky every few seconds. In addition, when you click on a button Time of the sky shows the color of the sun and moon.

Stunningly beautiful and sweet. While there is no information about the technology, which allows to determine the color of the sky. Perhaps the clock receives data from the satellite, although it’s just a guess. Agree very original invention. This watch will be a great gift and especially liked the girl. Young people, if you want to please the beloved – in advance for the Time of the sky.

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