Time Erzgebirge.”Opening of East Germany? Perhaps the wrist version

Time Erzgebirge


“Opening of East Germany? Perhaps the wrist version of the “Trabant”, “- smiled skeptically fellow journalist, an expert on the history of technology, an admirer of BMW automobiles and timepieces Seiko. Ugly “Trabant” with plastic bodywork that resembled our native “Muscovites”, was collected on car factory in Zwickau (GDR) since 1959 and until the reunification of Germany.

Even the East Germans considered them the most eloquent symbol of the “second world.” However, in the hours Glashutte expert (“To kill such experts should be!” – Believed Comrade Bender) was wrong for one hundred percent. True, in order to reassure a skeptical colleague, much discussion was needed – enough for a single argument: the cost of collection specimen’s hours Glashutte comparable to the price five hundredth “Mercedes”.

“If it says Glashutte Original on the outside, it’s Original Glashutte inside”. Alas, an elegant advertising slogan the company can not be literally translated into Russian, but it is in these words is the philosophy of brands: “Having seen the inscription on the dial Glasshutte Original, no doubt, true Glasshutte will be inside.”

Time Erzgebirge
Mecca German precision
Status Mecca German factory owned by the exact time of Glashutte with good reason. After all, the company’s history with such an original title – “Glass Hut, as it is” – began in the nineteenth century and no less original. … A hamlet perched on the edge of Glashutte Ore Mountains, which divide the Czech Republic and Germany. Erzgebirge, as in German call these places are known scary tales about gnomes, guarding the underground treasures – from time immemorial is mined tungsten and zinc. It so happened that a mineral deposit once all at once dried up.

The people, deprived of livelihood, have asked the government of Saxony for help. In May 1845 Dresden watchmaker Ferdinand Adolph Lange, with the support of government founded in Glashutte manufactory hour. Miners and farmers from German pure hard work and perseverance learn a new craft for themselves. Lange was lucky to bring talented artists in watchmaking, businessmen and even teachers.

Time Erzgebirge
In honor of Julius Assmann, who in 1852 began producing pocket watches his own design, in our time (1997) would call limited-edition line of 25 hours. Dial Julius Assmann 2 coated thin layer of Meissen porcelain and painted by hand. A. Strasser forever inscribed his name in the history of watchmaking with the invention of a spring trigger.

Since 1878 and till this day in Glashutte works based Moritz Grossmann school of watchmaking. Excellent pocket watch from the “glass hut” with the Ore Mountains, soon got a well-deserved fame. Lasted more than fifty years a “golden age” was interrupted by the First World.

The postwar economic crisis has forced the descendants and followers Lange restructure production, putting it on the conveyor. Fashion in wrist watches, which coincided with the advent of automobiles and airplanes – as well as another man clutching a steering wheel or steering wheel, can trace the movement of the shooter? -Sensitive designers have caught Glashutte, which allowed to revive interest in the brand far beyond Germany. And then came the Second World War.

Time Erzgebirge
In 1942, Walter Lange, the then head of the company, he was drafted into the army, and returned in 1945 to see the family business in ruins: factory building, stood a hundred years, did not learn the bombing. With characteristic energy Lange all he undertook the restoration of production, and a year later were collected first mechanisms.

But very soon the factory was nationalized Lange, fleeing from the persecution of communists, left the country. Forty years VEB Glashutter Uhrenbetrieb worked in the lack of healthy competition, in full accordance with the settings of the socialist economy. Time has shown that even isolation from the world market is not caused significant damage to the enterprise. Has been saved importantly the tradition of excellence and innovative spirit.

In 1990, Walter Lange returned to found his own company A. Lange & Sohne, – his own, but completely new. Glashütte manufactory of the same in 1994 was privatized and was present name – Glashutte Original.

As soon as possible craftsmen “glass hut” could develop augment and adapt to modern needs art complex time mechanics. In just five years free floating “Glashutte Original” was able to compete with renowned Swiss brands such as Blancpain and Breguet. No one was surprised when the giant Swatch Group watch Glashutte offered to join the ranks of companies that make up this concern.

Today the company put its logo in the form of a double G on the gorgeous wristwatch devices the exact time on any dreams of every collector. New technical ideas embodied in a very unique and indescribably elegant watch, have grown out of the past and the future belongs.

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