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The unity of mechanicalThe unity of mechanical


Selsius X VI II LeDIX – a unique device. It connected just two high-end product: a luxury phone and accurate mechanical watch with a car factory. For this unusual combination will have to pay a considerable amount of money and this amount exceeds the cost of a new car. The idea of creating the device came up with the famous engineer Thomas Pryuvotu long ago in 2005.

During air flight was forced to turn off your phone, which has lost track of time. Then he decided to join an electronic device with a mechanical clock. Embody this idea was not immediately. To develop and test the gadget took years, but the result justified all expectations. LeDIX unique. At first glance it is not visible is a beautiful mechanism, the prisoner in a body from a single piece of metal and sapphire crystal.

The clock mechanism is composed of more than 300 parts, which speaks of its superb quality. The manufacturer also took care of the properties of shockproof watches, including a special unit created for this part. Battery lasts for gadget 120 hours.

The mechanical component device is enabled and the phone.For example, to change the battery and to mitigate the process of opening the clamshell. Filling the phone exclusively electronic and worked on her specialists Sagem Wireless. The developers tried to make a device of high quality, reliable, yet easy to manage. Specially designed for LeDIX whole system accessories: leather cases for the client’s choice, charging station is made of metal and wood, the wireless headset.

LeDIX – a new word in the world technique, an unusual combination of mechanical and electronic filling hours. Buy it can not everyone, but true connoisseurs of luxury and original things would have appreciated it.

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