Sundial in a new way.Hearing the phrase “solar clock”, each of us imagines a column



Hearing the phrase “solar clock“, each of us imagines a column and a shadow on the length of which to judge the time. And rightly so. But everything flows, everything changes in the court of the age of modern technology, so now it’s expression can be interpreted differently. Now the “sundial” – a clock running on solar energy.

The name Solaris is not enough original, but that’s a watch a new generation. Above the outer shell of the gadget worked the French designer Olivier Demanzhel. As is already clear, neither the plant nor the device does not need batteries, it “eats” only by sunlight. It is known that the panels to convert solar energy into electricity is not very effective and therefore the question arises as hours, there will be enough energy to power the sun? The fact is that for such a tiny gadget does not require much energy.

But the main thing – the device has cost-effective LEDs. In the dark, burning clock with blue and purple lights. Design gadget is very unusual and resembles the blue-purple beetle. The main idea was to make the device easy, that’s why Solaris has long slits in the bracelet and the holes in the dial. Save on batteries – not such a trifle as it might at first seem at first. Batteries heavily pollute the atmosphere, so if you are using Solaris the owner cares about the environment. Thus, the gadget can be considered one of the symbols of modern ecological thinking.

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