RoccoBarocco: Direct hit.Fashion House RoccoBarocco – even for Italy



Fashion House RoccoBarocco – even for Italy is a unique phenomenon.

Young Neapolitan designer, who took his nickname this frivolous, unlike their colleagues have never tried to make a fashion in theatrical action, the temple of high art or something more sublime. In the end, the clothes – it’s just clothes.

Her beauty and quality are not necessarily rare super-expensive materials provided: even ordinary pair of jeans can be such that they felt the owner of its delicate taste, originality and elegance.

Incidentally, different types of denim and shades – even one of the favorite materials Rocco Barocco. He not only actively uses it in the production of collections of clothes, but in hours, accessories, perfume and a line of popular RoccoBarocco is called – Jeans. Rocco Barocco is one of the rare Italian fashion designers, who still direct the home itself, called by his name and is not going to retire.

Perhaps that is why today all that is produced under the brand RoccoBarocco, bears the imprint of gay and reckless character of its founder.

Rocco Barocco (real name is Gennaro Moskarello designer) was born in 1944 in Naples – the city of theatrical, passionate, full of creative energy, where every street is rich in history and carries an adventure.

That’s home town blew the young wizard is so unusual and catchy nickname, which became a combination of two of the brightest architectural styles of the city – the Rococo and Baroque styles.

Neapolitan Baroque to match their city: a fatalist and comedian who love buffoonery and nothing are taken seriously. And above all – himself. For 30 years he has been on the stage of world fashion, but his work continues to remain relevant and win hearts.

His ascent to Olympus fashion world Rocco Barocco began at the famous in the 60s boutique di Rino on the island of Ischia in the Bay of Naples. The very first sketches of his worthy of enthusiastic compliments film and opera diva Anna Magnani, Maria Callas, Joan-Marie Canal. In 1966, a young Neapolitan talent has attracted two major French designers Patrick de Barentezna and Gilles, described as one of the trendsetters of the time.

They persuaded him to move to Rome, and two years later the Italian capital applauded the first collection of new fashion house RoccoBarocco – a collaborative effort between the Baroque and Gilles.

But only in 1977, Rocco Barocco decided to bet on their own resources and imagination: the light appears his personal creation – the fashion house Barocco Roma. He considered the number of actresses and ladies of high Roman society chose a dress from RoccoBarocco.

Among the big names – Laura Antonelli, Gina Lollobrigida, Claudia Cardinale, Stefania Sandrelli, Ursula Andress. Known for his love of exquisite brocade and silk, to animalistic – tiger and leopard – prints adorning dresses and coats, Rocco Barocco never tires of the woman sing an ironic, self-confident and often do not comply with the requirements of time, existing outside the mainstream cliches.

Incidentally, RoccoBarocco – again, a rare contemporary home, which for almost twenty years, has a constant “messenger” is the best it expresses the spirit and style. This is a great actress and singer Liza Minnelli. In the early ’80s, she met a fashion designer, became a friend and a loyal fan, and all the premiers and social events prefer to come only in the costumes of RoccoBarocco. Star of the movie “Cabaret” – an ideal model for the style RoccoBarocco – a drop of cold-glamorous, but the chasm of talent and charisma.

Brand for the real buyers

To be honest, certainly not to say that Russia mark RoccoBarocco refers to the first echelon of high fashion. Advertisement this fashion house is not hanging on every corner and domestic stars are unlikely to defile in the clothes of this brand at the ceremony, “Taffy.” However, if a brand they know everything – from the socialite to school teachers – that does not mean that all buy it.

RoccoBarocco relates more to the category of brands targeted, focused primarily on readers of glossy magazines about fashion, boutiques and sinks regulars, visitors fashionable clubs and hangouts. Trends in outdoor clothing, submitted annually Rocco Barocco, come up regularly in reviews of fashion’s most popular women’s magazines, for which readers are guided, as a specific guide to action.

That is, most women and girls who know RoccoBarocco, and most likely is a potential customer has of the brand. Those due to policy and issue watches and accessories under the brand RoccoBarocco: this is the first very trendy products, design, materials and price is calculated on the spontaneous purchase for 100-150 dollars, you can not afford a young woman who tends to look stylish.

In hours RoccoBarocco very clear message – they do not try to imitate a hybrid of fashion and classical music or fashion and jewelry. This is absolutely fashionable accessories, each of which has a remarkable “trick.” As already mentioned, watch and all products RoccoBarocco, aimed at fans of the fashion style, which by its brightness and aggressiveness of the looker, more crowding on the shelves of the store neutral time classics. In this case the clock is RoccoBarocco two important advantages: a wide range of high quality.

With the latest problems already faced many sellers of fashion watches.

Often the coverage and quality of the fixing of stones in the fashion watch much courage to nedotyagivaet design concept, and models that look great on an advertising poster on hand to put on risk. People, who pay to watch $ 100, want to get a good thing no less than people who pay ten times more.

RoccoBarocco pays the quality of primary importance: all models are made of steel 316L. Gold plated – it is durable IPG, zirconia and rhinestones are securely fastened, only the straps of leather. Quality and reliability of the materials can be felt immediately, just by taking the clock in his hands – and it is very important for the fashion-hours.

For which the fitting – a ritual in the buying process. Hours RoccoBarocco it is imperative to give a buyer in hand, because the models are fitted with a prestigious label Made in Italy.

The second plus RoccoBarocco – a range of more than 170 models, which are, quite literally, all the most current trends in watch fashion. Here you can find and watch chain with multiple charms (a collection of Hanging), and watch with the body-hoop (Watch Master) and geometric steel bracelets (Surprise) and inlaid with colored rhinestones in a hippie style (the collection of Flowers and Star Pag), suspension chili pepper in the form (the most fashionable accessory of the season in the collection Peppers) and finally, the model Laces Watch Master with colored laces instead of the traditional bracelet.

And this is just a small part of the “trendy pieces» RoccoBarocco, which seem to account for all the latest design of the invention. After all, the secret of success of the brand in the precise contact with the trend, making things that have a guaranteed buyer.

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