Relax and remove the stress from the new Prestige Cocktail hours from Philip Stein. All brand Philip Stein watch has pleased fans of the new model frills watch

Relax and remove


All brand Philip Stein watch has pleased fans of the new model frills watch Prestige Cocktail, many decorated with diamonds.

The company Philip Stein became famous in the watch making world patented technology, the natural frequencies. The unique technology is based on the frequencies that are beneficial for health and quality of life. In all watch brands are built with metal disks installed on their technology.

Technology of natural frequencies – a combination of natural frequencies, which regenerates the planet Earth and that human life is set. At this frequency, the human body is not subject to stress and is in a relaxed state. Interaction frequencies specified in the model with human energy field starts while wearing the watch, thus increasing the field and increasing the anti-stress potential of the human body.

Says company founder Will Stein: “This technology changes lives based on natural and scientifically proven approach to improving the well-being.”

Technology eigenfrequencies predispose to good sleep, better ability to concentrate and general physical condition.

New company Prestige Cocktail is also equipped with the technology of natural frequencies and diamond inlays give it graceful appearance luxury jewelry. Body of the model is made of polished stainless steel.

Inherent wristwatch Philip Stein two crowns, also made of stainless steel, regulate, in the two dials located on the main white pearl dial in the shape of the big eight. Both dial encrusted with 32 diamonds weighing 0.07 carats. At the top of the dial displays the time through the central arrows minutes and hours and the lower dial function is modified a second time zone. Impressive bezel paved with diamonds weighing 112 carats and 0.45 provides reliable fastening anti-reflective sapphire crystal to the watch.

The model is based on two mechanisms of quartz ETA E01.001. The original strap from merino yarn in red, which was built in two rows.

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