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Pierre Cardin


Last year’s conference distributors Pierre Cardin company Egana Goldpfeil, producing hours of the French fashion house, has presented an unexpected and very pleasant surprise: almost brand new look, from the design range to a new set of POS-materials, promotional images and even accessories.

The new collection was designed for the beginning of 2007 and indeed at that time appeared on the international market, including in Russia.

Those already familiar with the clock Pierre Cardin immediately understand why it is a full update and why the new style delights both market professionals and ordinary consumers.

Pierre Cardin watches are presented in the Russian market for quite some time and in style tended to be more affordable classics, rather than to the production of fashion brands.

Pierre Cardin
The new concept, while maintaining the high quality of German (and even somewhat improved it), the designers Egana Goldpfeil developed a completely new style: a luxurious, stylish and original – just as close to the image of the home of Parisian Haute Couture, which is more half a century, is the standard style of luxury.

If the earlier design watches Pierre Cardin has been fairly neutral and really rather nearer to the classics, starting with this year’s brand positioning has changed: now the degree of looseness, the availability of spare parts and trendy collections Egana put the brand on a par with such recognized fashion leaders such as Chanel or Dior, only in the appropriate price range.

Focus on details

The first changes were the very structure of watch collections: now all the new items (and there are more than 50 references) split into sharp lines with elegant French names.

As in the men’s and women’s collections to the buyer is much easier to navigate, because he can not choose among the faceless digits of the model, and between a square or rectangular elongated Monmartre Boulevard (male model), a chic women’s Premiere with mother of pearl dial and a unique layout, asymmetrical Opera, or avant-garde jewelry Trezor St. Tropez with a double strap. Naturally, the name of each collection has a special meaning and indicates the primary designer “chip” model.

Pierre Cardin
These “chips” in Pierre Cardin few, and these original design immediately converted to the original classic watch a fashion accessory. This special font marking numbers and verified combination of matte and polished surfaces of the body in the collection of Montmartre, creating the effect of “puff” case – a design that can often be seen in the collections of the most luxurious brands.

A similar and at first glance, the classic lines of men’s round-hours Classique, Monaco (chronographs) and Automatique immediately attract attention thanks to the original strap in the form of compressed “kuliski.”

But the protagonist of a new collection of Pierre Cardin has also become the new logo of the brand. Symbols hours Pierre Cardin has always been the slogan Time Couture (probably in the translation does not require) and a symbol of the letter “P” in a twisted kind of figure the “yin-yang.”

Until recently it was virtually invisible on advertising and product packaging, but now it is the logo came to the fore, not only to maintain, but also in the design of the clock.

Thus, the collection L’Amour Premiere and immediately attracted to its original look markings, twisted the dial in the form of a stylized letter “P”. The same motif is repeated in the jewelry design models and Vendome Trezor.

It is important to note that the new design also affected the quality of the performance models, because the more original and complex concept, the more care is required when the coating, polishing and jewelry inlaid details.

All models of new collections of Pierre Cardin is made of steel 316L and have waterproof to 30 meters.

“P” – a sign of the season

Of course, all these changes would not have been so effective, if the marketing, advertising and presentation company policy remains the same. But the scale of change swept the whole image of hours Pierre Cardin, so that they are really able to change and make it more fashionable look of a watch shop.

Egana GoldpfeiI updated not only displays branded watches Pierre Cardin, who appeared in a spectacular white-gray and maroon scheme, where the foreground stands surround the logo “P”, but the windows (they also have important white burgundy), and the entire line of POS -materials of advertising images to packaging, corporate directory and even the sign of “authorized dealer”.

Chic white design Pierre Cardin, complete with a gray or silver logo “P”, perfectly fit into any interior or classic fashion watches store.

Each model is supplemented by Pierre Cardin brand new box with interior cut-out logo, high-quality booklet and a cardboard package with a label. The new status underlines the Pierre Cardin watch and a set of accompanying accessories, which are exhibited together with the watch collections: corporate wallets of leather with the logo of Pierre Cardin, stylish key rings, pens and an excellent representation of cosmetic brushes set in a convenient carrying case with mirror.

In anticipation of spring holidays Pierre Cardin watches are transformed into a great gift with an extra surprise, which will appeal to both men and women.

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