Opening the ring. We are constantly hurrying somewhere, somewhere late



We are constantly hurrying somewhere, somewhere late, rush of happiness, for the time during transport and sometimes even for the circumstances. And often in a hurry we are losing this expensive stuff (expensive not only in material terms). And sometimes, like mad, forget them on the bedside table of the woman and often, this thing becomes a watch.

What are the only fasteners and fixings do not come up with the developers of hours to their customers less lost … but now they have gone further – came up and fired a series of complicated watches, which is in the dial ring. Not only does this beautiful masterpiece of design look great on your finger – it is also functional. In the sense that the clock is running, so the ring – two in one – and a ring and a watch.

One of the latest collections of the clock in the ring presented by Piaget. True ring turned rather bulky and heavy – and how, because it’s made from real diamonds, emeralds, rubies and even. With this set of stones a ring became like a shimmering jewel bar that certainly catches the eye. Just imagine how it looks when you ask “what time” – you raise a hand to his eyes … and admiring the beautiful ring, and then heard the words “floor of the sixth.” Outcome: envy the casual passer and your smile echidna).

I would have bought this as a minimum because of one reason: who can forget the morning to put this beauty? Hours – yes, you can forget, but the shimmering stone … umm … well, we will not go into the jungle of dreams … Yes, the only minus of this watch – the zero permeability.

Usually, he washed or when hand-washing, we rarely remove the ring. So the beauty of beauty, but before washing – ring off!

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