New watch collection from Swatch & Art. In October, the Swatch watch company introduced

New watch


In October, the Swatch watch company introduced a new model in Venice, additions to the collection of Swatch & Art. Venice was chosen as this year, watch company became a partner of the famous Venice Biennale. However, despite rationing, Swatch & Art, this watch is able to buy Russian fans and brands – at the end of October.

Opening line Swatch & Art created with participation of musicians, designers and artists. This time the new clock had a hand in the famous painter from France – Jean-Michel Otoniel – and the dance avant-garde group Campagnie 7273.

 New watch
Jean-Michel is the author of two models: a watch Swatch Be Black and Swatch over the Rainbow. They have a transparent shell and watch straps, decorated with colorful beads. The dials are decorated with its clock crystals. Model Over the Rainbow limited edition of 777 numbered copies.

Dancers, Nicolas and Laurence Yadi Cantillion were established design three hours Swatch-Romance-s, Swatch-Climax, and Swatch-Nil.

Watches Swatch-Romance-s decorated with arrows depicting dancing figures. This model is limited edition to 777 copies.

Hours named Swatch-Climax its charm contrast textured surface embossed strap and black dial with a smooth and even finish the case.

Model Swatch-Nil is a minimalistic wristwatch casing and sand-colored thong.

In addition to the new time collection Swatch & Art guest was presented a special exhibition models Swatch & Art last years edition.

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